Scouting for medtech M&A opportunities


A rapidly growing European-headquartered specialty medtech company wanted to conduct a search for M&A opportunities in the interventional medicine arena.

The objective was to find at least one acquisition target that would materially add to its organic growth strategy and complement the client’s existing business infrastructure while remaining focused on core market segments. The field of interventional medicine included interventional radiology and the disease areas of interest included oncology, vascular disease, cardiology, pulmonary, gastrointestinal and urinary.


With the help of our network of expert medtech consultants, we identified more than 1,500 potential M&A targets, ranging from research-stage SMEs to listed companies with substantial sales portfolios.  Over a period of two weeks, we reduced this to a list of approximately 120 companies, many of which we had first-hand knowledge. We further evaluated this list and shortlisted 20 target companies that we profiled in depth.

We recommended a final selection of five preferred target companies for the client’s consideration, based on the:

  • attractiveness of the opportunity
  • fit with our client’s current infrastructure and objectives

Each of these five opportunities represented a different strategic focus, e.g. geographic vs. end-use segment vs. technology, and one was a proposal for a game-changing merger with the potential to transform the landscape in the particular arena.

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