Alacrita is clinical advisor for Therapeutic Area Partnership conference, Boston

Alacrita is acting as the Clinical Advisor for the Advanced Therapies track at Elsevier’s Therapeutic Area Partnerships (TAP) conference in Boston, November 18-20th.

TAP has become known as one of the eminent biopartnering events in the calendar, with all presenting companies carefully selected by the Clinical Advisors for quality.

Alacrita’s Advanced Therapies track comprised some of the leading companies in cell and gene therapy, as well as companies with technologies that can hit targets that are ‘undruggable’ with conventional chemical or biologic modalities. Selected companies included:

  • Promethera Biosciences
  • Cardio3 Biosciences
  • Retro-sense Therapeutics
  • Opexa Therapeutics
  • DNAtrix
  • Juventas Therapeutics
  • RaNA Therapeutics
  • Athersys
  • Aastrom
  • Mesoblast

Rob Johnson, a Partner at and co-founder of Alacrita, will chair a panel with big pharma representatives with a particular interest in Advanced Therapies, including:

  • Sridaran Natesan, VP for External Innovation at Sanofi
  • John Delyani, Head Therapeutics and Technologies, Strategic Alliances at Novartis
  • Sam Rasty, Vice President, New Products, Rare Disease Business Unit at Shire
  • Cynthia Sylvestre, President and General Manager, Biomeasure (a wholly owned subsidiary of Ipsen), Vice President, Ipsen
  • Thomas M. Luby, 

    Senior Director, New Ventures at

    Johnson & Johnson

Please contact Rob Johnson to schedule a meeting with Alacrita.

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