Alacrita partner, Peter G. Traber, recently chaired the 3rd annual NASH Summit Europe, held in London on October 23rd -25th. The event was attended by more than eighty leading NASH drug developers & stakeholders seeking to address the clinical successes and setbacks of 2019, form new partnerships and seek acquisition opportunities to bolster pipelines and combination approaches.  

The summit is the only niche, discussion-orientated conference solely dedicated to addressing current development hurdles, assessing clinical appetite and advancing NASH pipelines towards success.

Across three packed days, industry leaders and NASH stakeholders led directive discussions, shared actionable insights and analyzed the upcoming 12 months of NASH drug development through a tighter lens.

Please click the below link to view a PDF of Dr. Traber's presentation.

Presentation: NASH Now: Therapeutic Targets & the Competitive Clinical Trial Landscape