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  • Peter G. Traber to speak at Discovery on Target’s 2nd Annual NASH and Fibrosis conference in Boston

Discovery on Target’s 2nd Annual NASH and Fibrosis conference will be held in Boston, MA on September 26 and 27, 2018 and promises to be an important event in the very hot NASH drug development space. Peter will be giving a talk on “Therapeutic approaches to cirrhotic versus pre-cirrhotic NASH”, highlighting the pathophysiology of NASH cirrhosis and reviewing the clinical trials currently underway with expected timelines for top-line results. He will also be leading an interactive breakout discussion group on NASH cirrhosis.

The program will be kicked off by Dr. Brent Tetri, St. Louis University School of Medicine, one of the leading prominent and long-tenured academicians in NASH, with a review of NASH phenotype and its many pathophysiologic pathways. The remainder of the sessions will highlight multiple leading therapeutic approaches, NASH diagnostics, and the most effective use of animal models in the pre-clinical assessment of NASH assets.

Following the conference, Peter will publish his presentation with commentary and will provide insights on other key presentations at the conference.

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Disclosure: From March 2011 through June 2018 the author was CEO and CMO of Galectin Therapeutics (NASDAQ: GALT), a company with a NASH development asset, and continues to hold equity in the company.