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Life sciences business planning

We help our clients with all aspects of business planning, and are typically engaged to provide either a review of a pre-drafted business plan or provide specific input for defined sections.

Invariably, there are areas of a business plan that can be optimized. These can include:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Development strategy
  • US and EU commercialization models and strategy
  • Pricing
  • Market share and market opportunity
  • IP

We draw upon the extensive experience of our consulting team to provide the necessary inputs, and are often commissioned to conduct both primary and secondary research to build the evidence base and justify the strategic direction of the company.

Case study: Providing business plan review and inputs for a new CAR-T company


An established cancer vaccine company (conducting Phase III clinical trials with its lead peptide-based cancer vaccine) was seeking to launch a new business focused on adoptive T-cell therapy, including autologous CAR-T and allogeneic approaches. The company had strong support from its existing investor syndicate for the spin-out, but was also seeking to add a major external investor to support the new company. The executive team needed help to write a business plan for the new venture.


Alacrita’s pharma consultants have significant experience in cell therapies to treat cancer. We first reviewed the draft business plan and provided general feedback on all sections, including science and technology, development plans, operations, commercialization and intellectual property.

The client then asked us to write a new section on commercialization and pricing, which was particularly challenging given the uncertainties around the likely pricing of highly effective new pharmaceutical products which use autologous tissue. Alacrita also wrote a section on different commercial models for product supply chain and distribution for the autologous product.

The client requested additional business planning support, including the development of valuation models for the new products, which were used to support negotiations with the prospective investors.

Our client received a terms sheet for a significant investment from a major US investor for the new company, however, the existing investors decided to fund the new venture themselves.

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