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Pharma Product Development Consulting

We can provide support to clients who require evaluation and prioritization of their product portfolios. This can help decision-making when allocating finance and commercial support, and can help attract and secure investor funding.

Prioritization can be particularly useful for large institutes looking to identify their most attractive projects; for example, a University trying to identify its best research ventures. Our consultants have extensive experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas and can leverage this to help clients identify and prioritize projects through a triage process. Some key factors that our consultants consider are:

  • value in use
  • market attractiveness
  • developability

Our consultants can then create development strategies for the highest priority projects, from which the client can further evaluate as required.

Case study: Evaluating university life science projects to attract investors


King’s College London needed support with evaluating and prioritizing life science research projects for funding and commercial support. The objective was to help promising IP attract and secure investor and partner interest.


This assignment was conducted over several months and was composed of three phases:

  1. IP audit
    Using a project characterization template running on a secure web-based platform, we surveyed several hundred principal investigators (PIs) to identify potentially commercializable projects with filed or patentable IP. This encompassed the entire life science research portfolio of the university including therapeutics, biomarkers/diagnostics and medical devices.
  2. Project prioritization
    Our consulting team, comprised of pharma, biotech, diagnostics and medtech industry specialists, analyzed the information received from the PIs and validated it through a combination of internal analysis, external research and telephone interviews. In order to enable projects to be ranked into priority categories for the next stage of the analysis they were scored according to their:

    • value in use
    • market attractiveness
    • developability
  3. Techno-commercial development plans
    We developed techno-commercial development plans for selected top-priority projects. Our client, King’s Commercialisation Institute, convened an expert panel which selected projects most suited for focused financial support in order to reach one or more value-creating milestones and thereby progress toward partnering and/or spin-out goals.

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