A leading private US academic institution had created a therapeutics accelerator program to support early discoveries and facilitate industry partnerships of its assets. One of its internal projects was focused on developing a bio-scaffold to enhance repair and regeneration following spinal cord injury (SCI). As part of an ongoing collaboration, Alacrita was commissioned by the university to perform a data gap analysis and to provide a roadmap of the necessary next steps to secure future investment.


Our work was led by four of Alacrita’s expert consultants who reviewed the data and hypothesis developed by the University. There was strong scientific rationale to support the underlying components of the technology and the proof-of-concept (POC) data was promising. However, we identified gaps in several key areas where more data would be required to progress to IND and secure industry partnership, namely that larger animal experiments were required to demonstrate POC and biocompatibility of materials. We recommended that the project warranted further funding.

Our Expertise with CNS Therapeutics 

We've consulted with clients on a range of CNS drug development products and programs, and have advised investors and BD teams on individual assets, pipelines and companies in this field.

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