Stuart Hendry

Stuart Hendry

Partner - PhD

Stuart has significant experience of the life science and medical device industries, with 25 years of global work experience in the USA, Europe, Japan, China and Australasia.

Stuart has an exceptional track record in fundraising in the UK markets, with board-level experience in both private and public medical companies.

His key achievements include the creation of Sphere Medical, which ultimately he floated on the AIM in the most challenging markets. He attracted global players such as Johnson & Johnson and developed the company to the point of marketing its breakthrough product, Proxima, worldwide. His current area of interest is technology convergence, particularly in the monitoring and diagnostics applications.

He was previously Head of Life Sciences at Scientific Generics Plc (now Sagentia Plc), and before that worked for Powderject Pharmaceuticals Plc, Diametrics Inc and Pfizer Inc.