AI in Small-Molecule Drug Discovery: Black Box or Crystal Ball?

07th December 2023
1. Intro: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become household buzzwords across virtually every domain of science and technology. Beyond the academic sphere, the advent of...
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Pharma Licensing Interests: The Updated Wish List of 56 Big Pharma Companies

16th August 2023
Intro: Over the past two decades, there has been a major shift in the Big Pharma R&D model. In the face of declining efficiencies and increases in both cost and timing for the successful approval and...
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The iPSC Clinical Landscape: A Bright Future Ahead

28th June 2023
I. Intro Cell and gene therapies (CGT) are transforming how biopharma companies treat and potentially cure certain diseases. From viral vectors to CAR-T cells, the landscape of CGTs is evolving...
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Next Generation Chemotherapy: Life in the Old Dog Yet

29th May 2023
Introduction: In biotech and pharma, it’s fair to say that cancer chemotherapy has fallen out of fashion, with interest shifting predominantly to targeted therapies and immunotherapy. Investors seem...
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Unlocking iPSCs to Improve CNS Modeling and Drug Discovery

09th June 2022
Introduction: To date, therapeutic advances in treating central nervous system (CNS) disorders have been incremental at best. As the global population increases and older demographics begin to make...
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Exosome & Extracellular Vesical-Based Therapeutics & Their Potential Use in Oncology

12th November 2021
Abstract It was previously believed that exosomes, membrane-bound extracellular vesicles released by cells, were a waste disposal mechanism resulting from cell damage or from by-products of cell...
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The emerging landscape of RNA-targeted small molecules

17th September 2021
Intro: For decades, conventional drug strategy has relied on the ability of small molecules to either inhibit or alter protein function by targeting their active sites. While this was instrumental in...
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Replacing the Surrogates: Beyond In Vivo Preclinical Models

24th August 2021
Intro: Animal modelling is a staple of preclinical drug development and in most countries a legal requirement before entering human trials. However, these experiments are time-consuming, expensive,...
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What's on Pharma's Licensing Wish List?

04th August 2021
Asset licensing, mergers, and acquisitions have become an integral pipeline expansion strategy for Pharma. The realization over the past two decades that productivity of internal R&D alone is...
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Cell Therapy for Autoimmune Disease: Landscape Analysis & Overview

01st February 2021
The cell therapy field has been predominantly active in the oncology space and is enjoying bench-to-bedside clinical success. However, the cancer cell therapy space has become very crowded and drug...
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Cellular Immunotherapy: Challenges and Potential Solutions

18th August 2020
It would not be an overstatement to say that in recent years cellular immunotherapies have demonstrated great therapeutic success in some cancers. However, several technical difficulties remain that...
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An Analysis of the Cellular Immunotherapy Landscape for Cancer

20th June 2020
Types of cellular immunotherapy: Cellular immunotherapies involve modifying autologous or allogeneic immune cells through genetic engineering or modulation of the protein expression profile, then...
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