Christine McCarthy

Christine McCarthy

Partner - MD

Christine is a clinical drug developer with more than 25 years of experience in large pharma companies.

Prior to joining Alacrita, Christine had been part of the strategy and innovation team of Sanofi R&D. She was in a group in charge of scientific and medical due diligence, as part of the in-licensing process of assets from biopharma or major Rx companies. In this role she conducted in-depth reviews of numerous projects at different stages of development, including small molecules, insulins, peptides, monoclonal antibodies and drug-device combinations. She worked in close liaison with clinical development, marketing, business development and finance to make clear recommendations on the risks and opportunities of each project and on design development plans.

Earlier in her career, Christine was in charge of several clinical development programs including worldwide responsibility for a large Phase III program for an obesity/diabetes/dyslipidemia drug. She oversaw the clinical part of the registration dossier and participated in the submission team that had direct interactions with regulatory authorities. This included dealing with questions during the registration process and labelling discussions.

Christine received her medical degree and her specialty in rheumatology at the hospital Saint Antoine in Paris, France.