Deal Watch Annual Review 2011

18th January 2012
The Annual Review of deals by the Medius Deal Watch Team can be accessed through the link below.
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Viewpoint: Pharma Industry Myths

06th January 2012
Amidst the voluminous commentaries, blogs, tweets, panels and papers about the future of the pharma industry, certain thoughts seem to be becoming articles of faith:
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Europe's stellar decade of prostate cancer innovation

24th September 2011
If, in 2001, you had hormone resistant metastatic prostate cancer, then your treatment options were severely limited.  Nothing could extend your life and the focus was on providing you with...
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Are we all biotech now?

24th June 2011
The past 25 years has witnessed an unparalleled consolidation of the pharmaceutical industry, and some predict a fate similar to the agchem industry where currently six companies control some 75% of...
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China: Opportunities for biotech firms

24th March 2011
China is serious about medicine.  Universal access to basic healthcare, an improving IP environment, Chinese companies desire for innovation and substantial funding opportunities are opening up...
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Re-Profiling: a Hidden Threat to Originators?

25th February 2011
As James Black is famously quoted as saying, "the most fruitful basis for the discovery of a new drug is to start with an old drug".  This has stimulated a heightened search for new indications for...
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Mitigating Out-sourcing Risk

29th December 2010
Many firms that outsource major projects can end up managing relationships at arms-length.  For complex, business-critical projects, this is a high risk strategy as it may fail to give sufficient...
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Deal Watch: a Review of Notable Deals

29th October 2010
Sharon Finch, Alacrita Advisory Board Member, has published a review of notable deals.
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