A private equity investor was considering a transaction in a company supplying therapeutic proteins derived from biological sources for the treatment of numerous diseases in the neurological, autoimmune, hematological and other rare conditions. The target was a mature company operating in a well-developed sector of the industry. The PE investor commissioned Alacrita to conduct in depth technical, regulatory and market due diligence recognizing that its traditional DD providers lacked the specialized expertise and hands-on experience that Alacrita can provide.


Alacrita's CMC and regulatory experts reviewed the contents of the online dataroom and conducted mini-audits of key manufacturing facilities in the US and Europe. They interviewed key personnel and identified a number of significant issues. Similarly, Alacrita's market analysis team identified critical areas of risk inherent in the target's business plan and provided a report putting the target company in the context of the industry sector as a whole.

We participated in meetings with the PE and the target to review our findings. The PE investor used Alacrita's output to revise the deal structure to take account of additional investment needs that had not hitherto been foreseen.

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