A European investor required due diligence support to appraise the attractiveness of a series of potential investments. The technologies included a theranostic agent, a DNA damage response inhibitor and a virus-like drug conjugate all targeting solid tumors. As well as a biologic asset targeting iron metabolism for genetic diseases. 


Our experts analyzed the available data packages for the four assets and conducted separate triage-level due diligences. These assessments addressed the following key questions for each opportunity:

  • Is the target robust?
  • Have others addressed the same target and if so, what can be learned?
  • How differentiated is the asset?
  • What’s the strength of the data so far?
  • Is the trial design appropriate?
  • Is the commercial opportunity “real” and substantive?
  • What’s the competitive position and implications for value? 
We presented our findings to the client and discussed which would be the most attractive investment opportunities.

Due Diligence Consulting

Alacrita due diligence consultants have been a trusted DD source for close to fifteen years, conducting assignments for large pharma, biotech, universities and investors. Every due diligence we perform is underpinned by our ability to incorporate individuals into each project who have the exact matching expertise required for a complete, thorough and accurate assessment.


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