A start-up US biotech developing a non-opioid analgesic drug and delivery device was preparing to raise its first round of external funding. They engaged Alacrita to help frame the target market for their product and to communicate the commercial opportunity to investors in their pitch deck. 


Led by a consultant with direct experience of commercializing new pain management products in the US market, Alacrita prioritized potential target patient segments within the pain management space, by type of pain and setting of care. In each case, we framed the size of the opportunity, and related the product value proposition to the unmet medical needs and burden of disease. We also discussed with the client, possible applications for their product in management of opioid addiction. 

Once a set of go-to-market priorities had been agreed with the client, Alacrita built a slide deck for communication with prospective investors, utilizing our experience in framing business cases for this target audience.

Business Planning Services

Both external investors and internal sponsors in a business draw confidence from quality business planning and can tell whether a business plan or strategy is realistic. Our biotech-specific business consultants have launched, grown, and sold biopharma companies. They have successfully raised capital and advised investors and company boards about funding decisions. Let us help you consider all relevant strategic options for your business or your pipeline, analyze them thoroughly, and present a clear and well-reasoned case that your strategy is the right one.

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