Anna Casse

Anna Casse

Partner Emeritus - BSc, MBA

Anna has launched 13 products in oncology and rare diseases. She had direct P&L responsibility for global, European and individual country businesses. She built a successful European biotech business for a US-based company from scratch. Anna is responsible for Alacrita AG in Zug, Switzerland.

Anna focuses on commercialisation, particularly European launch. She manages the firm’s European office based in Zug, Switzerland, which offers a full cross-functional launch platform and operations for US companies wishing to enter the European market. She has expertise in oncology, haematology and rare diseases.

Recent projects she has conducted or directed include:

  • Definition of commercial, tax, legal, financial and supply chain infrastructure, plan and budget required to launch PRIME-designated biological rare-disease product in the US and Europe together with provision of a road map and implementation of supply chain and Quality management system set-up
  • Development of a commercial strategy for an early-stage biological oncology orphan product, commercial representation on product development team and definition of the product TPP and development plan to maximise commercial and market access success – creation of presentations for the strategic plan to the board and roadshow decks for investor meetings
  • Building a fully operational European launch company from scratch for a US-based oncology/haematology company and successfully obtaining market access, licenses, and systems to launch the product within 6 months
  • Definition of a pricing strategy for a US company wishing to enter the European market through discussions with pricing agencies, payer interviews in the top 5 countries and analysis of industry benchmarks of similar disease severity, prevalence and clinical advantage
  • Pricing and reimbursement strategy development for a rare disease product, creation of the submission dossier for and advice meetings/negotiations with the G-BA in Germany and the Dutch Ministry of Health
  • Set up and operational management of the Northern European region (UK, Germany, Switzerland, Benelux, Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe) on behalf of a US-based company to gain market access and product launch of a rare-disease product
  • Identification and profiling of market opportunities for a novel compound. Creation of a strategy, development pathway, budget and a risk-adjusted valuation forecast
  • Support on commercial and development strategy for a novel oncology small-molecule and definition of the product TPP, development strategy and valuation of commercial potential. Representation on the board of the commercial function during the start-up and planning phase and support in fund-raising and identification of future board members