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Alacrita is life science consulting for a networked age. You can expect the caliber and capabilities of a top-ranked consulting firm, but you’ll find a difference in our expertise.

We’ve built our consulting team carefully, handpicking only those life science consultants with deep domain knowledge and senior business experience.

With more than 250 successful client assignments each year, we’re proving what’s possible for a life science consulting firm in a new era of opportunity.

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An Analysis of the Cellular Immunotherapy Landscape for Cancer

Types of cellular immunotherapy:  Cellular immunotherapies involve modifying autologous or allogeneic immune cells through genetic engineering or modulation of the protein expression profile, then...

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Life Science Consulting Services

Strategy &

Leverage our first-hand experience in raising biotech funding, in setting company, portfolio and product strategies, and in planning successful product launches.


Our expert teams are ready to support you through every step of product development, making sure you maximize value at each stage.


We dovetail with your in-house business development team to help find, evaluate and assess new assets, even taking responsibility for out-licensing your products to a pharma partner.

We are building the preeminent life science consulting firm. We bring together world class expertise to deliver real value to our clients.

We believe that seasoned industry expertise is essential to deliver value to a sophisticated pharma client. We hand-pick genuine and expert life science consultants to form tailored project teams, and work with them to define and address the challenges our clients are facing.

We take the best of traditional pharmaceutical strategy consulting and independent specialist consultants to create a new service model. From traditional pharma consulting, we take the caliber, professionalism and intellectual rigor of the world’s top firms, and from specialist consulting, we take the benefits of years of experience in industry, deep domain expertise, commercial pragmatism and flexibility.