A medical device company has developed a nebulizer system for pulmonary delivery that can produce droplets below 1.5µm diameter. Initial clinical evaluations of demonstrator compounds used desktop prototype devices, and a handheld device with a disposable cartridge system was in development. They already had discussions with a number of pharmaceutical companies who had expressed interest in principle in the platform and were now interested in a systematic process to seek and establish one or more product-specific deals or even potentially a platform deal. Prior to that we recommended that they commission a gap analysis by an industry-experienced inhalation drug delivery specialist to assess their readiness for partnering.


A respiratory drug delivery specialist in Alacrita's network critically reviewed the technology and conducted a gap analysis relative to the expectations of prospective partners. This was informed by his direct experience working in respiratory drug companies and many years of consulting to the industry. Our report highlighted the additional studies and developments that would be needed to bring the device to an optimum state of readiness for partnering.



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