A leading research institute developing novel approaches for the production of ophthalmic treatments wanted to conduct a market and competitive assessment of the current supplier base and prospective novel technological approaches.


Our consultants conducted the project in two parts:

  1. Assessing the market size, the structure and segmentation of related products (e.g. by application and geography) and demand growth rates. This was followed by structure characterization of the supply chains and identification of the current and developmental competing production technologies, or other technologies that could be applied to the production of relevant products. The findings from this part of the exercise allowed us to review the competitive positioning of the client’s technology.
  2. Assessing the competitive environment, applying Michael Porter’s Five Forces framework (modified to incorporate the impact of regulation which was an important factor in this particular industry) to illustrate the competitive landscape. Both parts of the project involved primary data collection, predominantly through selected telephone interviews, to supplement secondary data sources.
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