A biotech company developing novel gene therapy approaches for in vivo cell trans-differentiation required an AAV gene therapy expert to serve on a scientific advisory board (SAB) tasked with ongoing analysis and development planning of preclinical studies for two lead programs.


Taking advantage of Alacrita’s extensive curated network of over 250 expert consultants, we were able to provide this client with support from a gene therapy expert with over 20 years of experience in drug development, from discovery to late clinical stage, in cell and gene therapies and regenerative medicine, to serve on the SAB. Our consultant provided advice and planning on the client’s preclinical AAV gene therapy programs, including recommendations for viral vector design modifications, experimental troubleshooting, translational study planning, technical data review and analysis, and input to preclinical study decision making to allow for the successful progression of each program to an IND. 

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We regularly consult with clients developing novel gene therapy therapies, as well as advise investors and BD teams on individual assets, pipelines and companies in this field. For more details on our expertise, please visit the below page or reach out. 

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