A client, developing a first-in-class small molecule with potential to treat a range of cancer types, wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape in certain cancer indications, as well as the current standards of care and principal unmet needs. The molecule also showed significant synergy with PD1 checkpoint inhibitors in preclinical models and the company wanted to learn more about checkpoint combination trials as it prepared for a series of PD1 combination clinical trials itself.


Alacrita developed a competitive landscape and benchmarking analysis in non-small cell lung cancer, leukemia, triple negative breast cancer and one other indication. The assessment focused on compounds in later stages of development and segmented the molecules by mechanism of action. We also reviewed the current standard of care for the priority indications, as well as high level epidemiology for each disease and the particular areas of unmet need. Finally we developed infographics to help the client understand the landscape of PD1 combination trials, segmented by type of cancer and type of mechanism of action.


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