Our client was a leading UK Research Institute requiring assistance in assigning internal commercialization funding to the most promising research groups within the University. Alacrita was asked to assess the viability and market attractiveness of selected projects and to develop individual Commercial Development Plans (CDP) that could be reviewed by the funding committee. One such group requiring a CDP was developing a new CAR-T cell therapy for head and neck cancer.


Alacrita's specialist oncology consultant met with the Principal Investigator to collect information on all areas of the project and from this created a CDP covering the following key areas:

  • Background on the project and research team
  • Rationale of the therapeutic approach
  • Current unmet clinical need
  • Clinical differentiation of the CAR T-cell therapy
  • Competitive landscape
  • Pathway to commercialization
  • Development milestones
  • Budget for the project

The CDP was reviewed by the funding committee and the project was successful in achieving full funding.

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