A biotech company had developed an AI-driven drug discovery platform to discover phytocompounds and bioactives with the potential to impact human health. Alacrita was retained to conduct a due diligence of the platform and the initial molecules identified by it for NASH/NAFLD as well as other GI indications, and to make recommendations for how best to partner the technology with pharmaceutical companies.


Alacrita's starting point was a mock due diligence assessing both the compounds and the platform to identify areas that would raise issues if/when pharmaceutical companies were to take an interest. We found that the client's pitch materials did not enable easy comparison of the client's compounds with the industry-accepted small molecule drug-like chemical space to inform decision-making on the value of the technology. This was a particular issue given that details of the underlying platform are not made explicit to potential partners, and pharma companies are wary of "Black Box" technology.

Our recommendations highlighted the need to modify the pitch materials, possibly requiring generation of new drug discovery data and case studies in order to maximize potential interest from prospective partners.

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