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A NASDAQ-listed biotech asked Alacrita to conduct a technical due diligence on a prospect reverse merger candidate. After screening numerous companies, our client identified a strong candidate with a pipeline of IND-ready small molecule compounds with potential applications principally in immuno-oncology. The client requested Alacrita to investigate four of the pipeline candidates in oncology and perform a commercial appraisal of the opportunity and competitiveness of the products.


The due diligence project performed by Alacrita comprised two parallel and related tasks:

  • A technical review of the target data room contents to identify risks, gaps, weaknesses and inconsistencies, commenting specifically on receptor selectivity, pharmacokinetic profile, preclinical toxicology and safety pharmacology

  • A commercial appraisal of the prospects for the molecular class in general, and the target's competitive position versus other pipeline candidates.

A report was then prepared for the client listing our findings for each of the four pipeline candidates.


Due Diligence Consulting

Alacrita has been a dependable due diligence partner for over a decade, bringing both the experience & expertise necessary to help our clients minimize risk, confirm value and make informed decisions.

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