A UK-based oncology drug development company was planning to in license a small molecule in development for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and Rhabdomyosarcoma. Alacrita was commissioned to produce an in-depth sales forecast to help the client understand the potential value of the product in these, and any other relevant, oncology indications.


Our consultants created a sales forecast for the project in three main steps: First, we validated the selection of HCC and Rhabdomyosarcoma as lead indications, highlighting one additional oncology indication as an attractive target based on the product MOA. We estimated the current and projected target patient population from a detailed literature review and built an understanding of the competitive landscape to estimate market share. Using benchmark products to estimate pricing we built a global sales forecast and accompanying report describing our analysis and assumptions.


Our expertise in performing business and asset valuations covers a wide range of technology types including small molecules, biologics and cell and gene therapies. Valuations have been a staple of our practice since our inception in 2009.

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