A glycan biomarker research company with a proprietary platform offering biomarker discovery and characterization, diagnostic development and commercialization asked Alacrita to help them understand their market potential better. While many discovery companies are using glycans, the market for such a complex area of biomarker discovery, unlike genomics and proteomics, is not yet well understood and has been difficult to quantify in terms of size and value. In this regard, the client asked Alacrita for support in estimating the glycan biomarker discovery market size in North America.


Alacrita first identified organizations with glycan biomarker discovery activity in the US. This involved identification of companies and institutes with significant R&D activities involving glycans (as biomarkers) directed toward therapeutics. We searched through proprietary drug databases, clinical trial registries, newswires, journals and conferences to achieve this. Of these, up to 40 organizations were selected by the client for further exploration to understand their needs, and this information was used to refine market estimates in North America.

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