A clinical stage microbiome company was developing a microbiome therapeutic for the treatment of recurrent C. Difficle infection (rCDI). The company was progressing through clinical development and wanted assistance with characterizing the European market opportunity for the product.


Alacrita supported the company with primary research with KOLs and payers to better understand the market dynamics and potential pricing for the microbiome therapeutic, with a focus on three key European territories. In preparation for the research, we first developed a target product profile (TPP), detailing the drug's performance, proposed positioning and assumed clinical usage; the TPP was formulated into pre-reads for KOLs and payers. Alacrita recruited current or recent KOLs involved in the treatment of rCDI, and payers currently or recently involved in Health Technology Assessments (HTA), reimbursement and pricing decisions, at national or regional level. We explored their views on unmet need, efficacy of standard of care treatments for rCDI, as well as their views on clinical trial design and value proposition for the microbiome therapeutic, which was used by the client in development and launch planning. 

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