A university commercialization institute asked Alacrita to review its technology for 3D printed, customised silicone medical products. The main task was to determine the prospective value of this technology. The university wanted to understand the potential of applying the technology to other medical products and what the commercialization plan would look like for such an opportunity.


We used a two-phased approach to this assignment. In Phase 1, we investigated potential medical products that could be manufactured using the technology. We identified up to four potential medical product opportunities using secondary research, and where appropriate and necessary selected interviews with our industry contacts. For each medical product identified, we outlined the market opportunity, and potential costs and timescales for commercialisation. We summarized our findings in a brief report and met with the client to consider the viability of each opportunity identified, and subsequently moved selected opportunities to Phase 2. In this latter phase we developed a plan for commercialising the favoured medical product.


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