A biotech company developing immunomodulatory therapies asked Alacrita to assess the possible applications of its lead product, particularly in the context of improving the efficacy of other mAb therapeutics as anti-cancer drugs.


One of Alacrita's oncology experts performed a review of the oncology landscape, including approved and development stage drugs. Our expert identified several possible applications, with a view that initial clinical development should focus on combining the drug with already approved mAbs for several cancer indications. We delivered a report including recommendations for top-level development strategies using the new drug in combination with approved mAbs, flagging the associated risks, and triaging the opportunities for those that would allow early proof-of-concept. 

Opportunity Mapping Services

We can help you gauge and rank the opportunities for your R&D programs or technology platforms to deliver value, by framing the commercial potential and charting the path to market.


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