A pharma company sought Alacrita's support in providing high-level go/no-go pre-due diligence of two early-stage strategic investment opportunities. The company had so far been focused on the development of generics and essential medicines, with decades of experience in drug development, producing and distributing products to several continents and having its own R&D center, but was now branching into innovative product investments. One product under due diligence was a lead candidate small molecule targeting a calcium channel that is over-expressed in GBM. The second product was a nano-ADC with a novel proprietary linker to treat various cancers.


Our expert consultants reviewed all available preclinical documentation to evaluate the technical strength of the products. We also evaluated the clinical development strategy, surrounding IP, competitive landscape and market opportunity to gain a commercial perspective. Key risks were identified, together with proposed mitigation strategies. We also commented on the deal terms and provided negotiation advice to the client.


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