A clinical stage biotech company developing treatments for Alzheimer's disease was looking for a valuation of its Phase II-ready therapeutic drug. The drug was a re-purposed combination of two known drugs with a well-documented safety profile, however unlike most other Alzheimer's drugs in development, it was part of a small pool of pipeline drugs that claimed to be disease-modifying, and in particular its primary aim was to stop disease progression at the prodromal/mild disease stage.

The company was looking for Series A financing of $30m in venture investment in order to progress the drug through a Phase IIa clinical trial. To prepare for discussions with investors, Alacrita was asked to develop an independent valuation of the drug.


Given the historical failures of Alzheimer's drug development and therefore lack of benchmarks for probability of technical success, developing a risk-adjusted valuation for this product was particularly challenging. Alacrita's Monte Carlo approach to pharma valuations proved to be useful in this case, as we were able to develop a valuation range that truly reflected the risk associated with Alzheimer's drug development whilst at the same time appreciating the potential value in a differentiated product with a known safety profile that could stop the disease at an early stage.


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