Business Development

We dovetail with our clients’ teams to supplement their existing capabilities. We have deep experience on both the buy and sell-side.

Alacrita’s team of life science business development consultants and advisors provide support to a broad range of clients, on both the buy side and sell side. We often supplement our client’s existing business development capabilities in-house, and selectively act as a client’s fully out-sourced business development team.

Much of our work is supporting biotech or pharma clients in preparation for, or during a transaction. We work with our pharma product development and commercialization colleagues to develop valuation models of an asset. This is useful for internal decision making and informing negotiations around a licensing transaction. Often, we are asked to help with message development and presentation optimization to ensure that an asset’s positioning resonates with buyers.

We are engaged to take on out-licensing mandates for assets, having full responsibility for the entire out-licensing process including development of marketing materials, identification and stratification of prospective partners, outreach, follow up and deal negotiations.

We have ongoing relationships with a number of companies who are looking to identify new assets to in-license or acquire, and have developed innovative approaches to identify new opportunities that are ‘under the radar’.

Finally, we frequently support investors and companies with due diligence of pharmaceutical assets. We work with Alacrita’s extensive network of ex-industry expert consultants to undertake all aspects of technical, commercial and IP due diligence. We deliver our findings in an easy to understand format enabling clients to clearly understand the principal areas of risk facing the asset or transaction.

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