Commercial planning and execution

Pharma Launch Planning Expertise

Our expert consultants have held senior commercial positions in both large and small pharma companies and been responsible for the successful launch of a broad range of transforming therapies.

We are well placed to help you:

  • create strategic and tactical global commercial planning across all commercial functions, and adapt for key global regions
  • develop models and forecasts to inform go-it-alone or partnering decision-making
  • generate strategic insights by conducting global market research with thought leaders, physicians, payers and patients
  • define a strategy for disease and brand communication
  • conduct state-of-the art forecasting

Case study: Conducting payer research to optimize pricing and volume


An emerging specialty pharma company facing an urgent partnering transaction deadline needed to assess the likely reimbursement and pricing of a new therapy in a crowded therapy area. It had competition from both inexpensive generics and selected premium products.

Positioning the product to optimize pricing and volume posed material challenges. At the commodity end of the market, existing therapies were both generic and extremely cheap and were largely perceived as ‘good enough’ in most settings, despite documented side effects. The premium market position was occupied by a small number of injectable therapies aimed at specific sub-populations in the broad target indication.


Our strategic market access consultants conducted a series of payer interviews across the USA and EU3 (France, Germany and the UK). The aim of the project was to determine the feasibility of ‘pricing down’ from the high end rather than ‘pricing up’ from generics without the risk of constraining the potential product volume due to restricted market access in specific sub-groups. A core part of the analysis was to identify the supporting data that would align prescriber/clinical drivers with payer drivers.

Starting with a clearly defined target product profile, our payer research consultants carried out research to understand the current recommended standard of care for iron-deficiency anemia (IDA) in the USA and EU3. We then formulated a list of questions and hypotheses summarizing the issues facing the product and conducted a series of interviews with ‘real payers’ i.e. individuals experienced in formulary management or pricing and reimbursement decisions at local, regional or national levels.

Payer value drivers, appropriate treatment comparators and approaches to pricing, relative to the premium market, were dissected and analyzed to validate the expected pricing range for the product. The interviews also identified requirements that would underpin the proposed premium pricing, which in turn provided useful input to launch the product and create strategic marketing plans.


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