Monoclonal antibodies to treat bacterial infections

Biologics Consulting: Antibodies to Treat Bacterial Infections

An established US biotech company with $bn sales was looking for a team of expert antibody consultants to help them understand the potential of monoclonal antibodies to treat bacterial infections. Alacrita’s consultants have spent their careers developing new therapeutic antibodies in oncology and infectious diseases and have substantial experience in understanding the opportunities and challenges of deploying antibody technology to address bacterial infections.

Alacrita’s antibody consultants conducted a high level strategic assessment of the current antibody technologies available and their potential to treat bacterial infections. We reviewed the history of using antibodies to treat bacterial infections, including serum therapy before the age of antibiotics, intraveneous immunoglobulins, current and past attempts of using monoclonal antibodies and current and past attempts of using polyclonal antibodies. Alacrita reviewed progress with bacterial vaccines to understand lessons learnt regarding target/antigen selection and bacterial resistance.

Alacrita’s consulting team also conducted a SWOT analysis on monoclonal antibody technologies that the client had encountered with respect to their applicability to bacterial infections, with suggestions of other technologies that the company should consider. Alacrita’s consulting team reviewed the industry’s current pipeline of anti-bacterial antibodies and advised on the technical risk of each program to help guide the client’s business development strategy.

We presented our findings to a broad group of the client’s Business Development and R&D executives, helping shape the company’s antibody research and licensing strategy.

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