A prominent researcher at an academic research institution had developed a class of small molecule compounds with in vitro antiviral activity against a family of RNA viruses. The researcher required expert external input to advise upon the degree of readiness of the project for partnering and/or progression to IND, and the identification and description of critical next steps or experiments to de-risk the project for attracting third party investment in the program.


An antiviral expert from Alacrita’s extensive network of expert consultants was chosen to review the status of the researcher’s antiviral program and conducted a thorough gap analysis of the existing in vitro data. Our expert identified the lack of an in vivo proof of concept animal model as the most significant gap and suggested critical experiments designed to de-risk the program for investment, with defined go/no-go decision points.

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Our life science intellectual property practice provides analysis, assessment and strategic advice on life science IP. The practice is focused on both helping clients extract maximum value from their IP portfolios and supporting companies and investors conducting IP due diligence.

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