Business planning and valuation for a cancer immunotherapy start-up


An established cancer immunotherapy company needed help with a business plan and valuation for a new company to be set up in collaboration with a major US cancer center.


Rob Johnson provided critical review of numerous drafts of the business plan and was asked by our client to write the commercialization and pricing sections of the business plan.

We then developed risk adjusted NPV valuations for three different programs, each of which took an autologous, cell-based multi-epitope approach. We incorporated Monte Carlo simulations into the financial model to account for real-world uncertainty, given these programs were early stage and there were numerous questions about development costs and future product sales.

Our Monte Carlo model was able to accommodate uncertainties around clinical trial duration, sales growth scenarios and sales decline scenarios. The business plan and valuation models were key supporting documents as the new company marketed the opportunity to prospective venture investors.

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