A biotech company developing a platform technology to improve the safety of CAR T-cell therapies asked Alacrita to conduct a comprehensive competitive landscape to better understand the current CAR T-cell therapy space. The company wanted to understand the product profiles of top CAR T-cell therapies in development, current challenges in the field and solutions other companies are employing, as well as the deals landscape. This would help guide their business and product development strategy to maximize the value of their technology.


Alacrita conducted a comprehensive review of top products launched and in development, including bb-2121 (Bluebird/Celgene), UCART-19 (Cellectis), JCAR-017 and JCAR-015 (Juno), CTL019 (Novartis), KTE-C19 and KITE-585 (Kite). This included a review of the product design, development history, preclinical results, clinical results focusing on the safety profile of the product, manufacturing strategy, and any sales forecast available.

In addition, Alacrita compiled a comprehensive list of CAR T-cell therapies in development. For the 283 assets identified, Alacrita provided a summary of the product design as well as the innovation of each asset. Based on this list, we analyzed several aspects of the field, including the number of companies and academic or research institutions involved in the field, targets, type of CAR T-cell therapy, indications, delivery methods, safety features, and number of assets at different stages of development. Alacrita also compiled a list of deals in the CAR T-cell therapy space in order to inform the company of their potential partnership options.

Alacrita continues to monitor the CAR T-cell therapy landscape for the client, and has compiled a list of ~400 assets to date.


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