Our client was a medical solutions provider specialising in AI applications applied to real-time analysis of medical imagery to provide clinicians with real-time decision-making intelligence. The technology was being applied to a number of GI settings, and the client selected four for Alacrita to develop a defensible set of financials underpinned by a market access strategy and plan to support a Series A raise and withstand investor and other third-party scrutiny.


Following a kick-off meeting where we confirmed and refined the scope and objectives of the project, we adopted a five step process toward building a comprehensive financial model for the client.

  • Step 1: Confirmation of the product specifications
  • Step 2: Estimating the market size, accessibility, growth and competition
  • Step 3: Development of a pricing model based on comparables and coding economics
  • Step 4: Revenue model development based on three scenarios
  • Step 5: Reporting in Excel and PowerPoint formats

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