A research-focused biotech company developing a novel, first-in-class, next generation oral anticoagulant for the prevention of life-threatening thrombotic events asked Alacrita to validate the commercial opportunity for two formulations of its drug:

  • An intravenous formulation for patients undergoing intraoperative vascular or cardiac surgery, patients with complex devices such as LVAD or ECMO, and patients on dialysis and;
  • A subcutaneous formulation for short/medium term prevention of thrombosis in cancer patients on treatments such as chemo/radiotherapy, as well as patients in intensive care.


Alacrita conducted focussed, qualitative primary research with different types of relevant KOLs in the US to better understand the prospective opportunity for novel IV and SC formulations of the product. With input from the biotech company, our consultants first developed Target Product Profiles (TPPs) and discussion guides in preparation for the KOL discussions. The research took the form of telephone interviews and covered:

  • Current and future treatment trends
  • Decisions driving selection of current treatment options
  • Unmet need/demand to improve standard of care
  • KOL reactions to the TPPs, verification on the proposed products’ attributes, level of need, and likely product uptake 
  • Views on patient eligibility
  • Evidence that would be required to support clinical usage
  • Views on target pricing and willingness to pay
  • Market size
Desk research was also conducted to better understand the unmet need and market size for each product.

On completion of the project, Alacrita compiled its analyses and conclusions in a PowerPoint format report. Our consultants concluded that there is indeed a market for both products, particularly in patients that cannot be prescribed heparin, cancer patients, and patients at high risk of bleeding with existing options. There is generally a need for anticoagulants that are more efficacious, easier to dose and come without an increased risk of bleeding. 


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