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Case Study 1, Challenge:

A mid-size pharmaceutical company seeking opportunities to diversify within its core therapeutic area by partnering in products based on biologic technologies retained Alacrita to conduct due diligence assessments of selected projects. The scope of these assessments included an identification of the key technical risks inherent in the technology as well as planning the sequence of R&D studies that would be needed to progress through the development pipeline.


As each opportunity is based on unique technologies, Alacrita identified relevant specialists in its Expert Network with the appropriate level of experience in the corresponding area. Alacrita has completed several of these assessments and the client continues to draw on Alacrita as new opportunities arise.

Case Study 2, Challenge:

A private equity fund approaching an investment in a Phase III asset required an expert evaluation of the likelihood of success in the Phase III trial. The molecule, targeted at two CNS indications, had been extensively tested in Phase II and an inconclusive Phase III study, and the investor needed to understand whether the rationale and current understanding of the product, taken together with the totality of data developed to date, provided sufficient support for investing in a further pivotal trial.


Alacrita's engaged two CNS therapeutic experts from its consulting network who were able to provide the appropriate therapeutic perspective and experience-based judgement to enable an estimate of the probability of success of Phase III trials in the two selected indications. Based on this DD input, the investment proceeded.

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