A family office invested in a European, VC-backed company sought Alacrita's expert view of re-investing in the company, following a Phase III trial failure in the immunology space. The company had spent over a decade developing its technology and had conducted an extensive series of clinical assessments that had yielded inconsistent results.


Our immunology expert consultant assessed the scientific underpinnings of the project, the data collected in the clinical programs and the supporting preclinical data and concluded that the company's plans for further development amounted to an effective re-launch rather than a simple extension of work conducted to date. Moreover, we concluded that there was insufficient data to enable an understanding of the factors behind the Phase III trial failure as well as very high risks in embarking on the revamped clinical development plan. We concluded that the probability of technical success in the new program would be a low single digit percentage and consequently the Family Office declines to follow on its investment.


Alacrita's due diligence services

Since our inception over a decade ago, we've conducted more than 200 major due diligence assignments, covering a wide range of life science companies, programs and therapeutics. There are few firms that can match the level of our expertise, which is bolstered by our ability to draw in expert consultants with specialized knowledge in the core area of each project we work on. 

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