An in-silico drug discovery company requested an expert review of the robustness and potential positioning of a new kinase inhibitor in oncology and inflammatory disease. Alacrita was commissioned to identify the most attractive indication space based on scientific and commercial understandings, and to develop a draft Target Product Profile (TPP) to aid further internal development of the asset.


A literature review was carried out by Alacrita’s core expert team to assess the therapeutic potential of inhibiting the target of interest in a range on oncology and inflammatory indications. As a result, oncology was deemed to be the most attractive indication space for an inhibitor given the scientific data and the commercial landscape for the target. 

We conducted a deep-dive assessment for the top five most attractive oncology indications and developed a draft TPP proposing initial preclinical, clinical and commercial targets that the client should aim for.


Our Opportunity Mapping Expertise

We can gauge and rank the opportunities for your R&D programs or technology platforms to deliver value, by framing the commercial potential and charting the path to market.


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