A stem cell research company had developed a target product profile (TPP) for a novel therapy for glioblastoma (GBM). The company asked Alacrita to conduct a comprehensive review of the GBM landscape including insights on market growth, epidemiology, competitor profiles, standard of care, patient journey and pricing. The study was to form part of a board paper that would ultimately support a business case justification.


Alacrita conducted two main modules of work; a comprehensive review of secondary data sources, and a series of KOL interviews to understand current treatment practices, unmet needs, reactions to the proposed TPP and input on prospective pricing. The initial landscaping exercise of the opportunity in GBM was based on secondary data sources (including published research papers, clinical trial sources, subscription databases, Alacrita’s in-house databases and other public domain sources), to understand:

  • Historical and expected market size, segmentation and growth;
  • Incidence, prevalence, life expectancy after diagnosis;
  • Competitor landscape / pipeline analysis by phase, SWOT analysis including identification strongest pipeline products and their potential impact (if any);
  • Therapeutic trends and drug sales in GBM (EU and US)
  • Standard of care / patient journey by region;
  • Estimation of target pricing;
  • Identification of GBM centres of excellence in US and EU

The second module consisted of primary research. Here we recruited KOLs active in GBM (2-3 in each of the US and Europe) and payers (2 in US, 1 each in UK and Germany) to discuss the emerging trends in GBM therapy, clinical attractiveness of the TPP and its value proposition, clinical evidence generation, and pricing for the proposed product.

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