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  • Indication prioritization for oligonucleotide-based therapeutics targeting age-related disorders


A university spinout was developing oligonucleotide therapeutics to address age-related disorders. The company wanted to understand the most attractive lead indications in which to focus its preclinical and clinical development programs and had already short-listed 25 indications as a starting point. Alacrita conducted a comprehensive indication prioritization exercise to identify the top five indications.


Alacrita first conducted a reality check on the clients’ proposed indication prioritization scoring criteria. We implemented go/no-go criteria to filter out any non-viable indications.

Our expert team then carried out an extensive literature review on each short-listed indication, assessing both clinical and commercial aspects to allow for criteria scoring. 

The indications were scored and the top five indications that passed the go/no-go criteria were identified. These priority indications were in-line with client expectations and integrated into future development plans.


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Our team of pharma business consultants provide deep knowledge in critical areas such as company and portfolio strategies, fundraising pitch materials, platform or program opportunity-feasibility assessments, new product planning, value-based pricing and market access, and product launch preparations.

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