A venture capital firm was interested in an independent indication selection strategic assessment of a clinical stage small molecule oncology asset they had invested in, based on the preliminary results of a phase 1a/1b basket clinical study.


Alacrita consultants first conducted a technical feasibility assessment of the existing preclinical data using several criteria including: drug-like properties, data package, mechanism of action, scientific rationale, and product differentiation for the lead small molecule. Alacrita identified significant preclinical experimental gaps that prevented indication selection for subsequent clinical development. Using the conclusions of our assessment, supported by the science, we generated a long list of 23 potential oncology indications. This long list was subsequently scored and ranked according to the commercial potential of the drug in each indication and included criteria such as target patient population, disease severity, unmet need, competitive intensity and estimated costs and length of development. We recommended clinical study hold until the gaps identified could be addressed with further data generation.

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