A VC investor considering funding a radiopharmaceutical company requested an analysis of the therapeutic radiopharmaceutical landscape, to help them evaluate the investment. The purpose of the exercise was to identify where the greatest opportunity may lay for molecular targeted radiotherapy (MTR). The analysis was to focus on three specific areas:

  • Why there may be an opportunity for MTRs in the current landscape;
  • Size and growth of the potential market; and
  • Competitive landscape, including current pipelines and products being developed.


We assembled an extensive overview covering the points listed above, specifically including:

The various delivery systems (small molecule and biologic) in active development, their exemplification (imaging and/or therapeutic) and;

The clinical development pipeline - main players and commercial drivers.

We compiled our findings into a draft report for an initial client review. After their feedback, we revised and submitted the final version, which the client then used as an aide in their funding decision.

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