A US-based biotech company developing a novel biologic which impacts iron metabolism, wanted help deciding which disease and patient groups would make the best lead indication for development and commercialization. 

The company had already narrowed its shortlist of diseases down to three, based upon strength of scientific rationale. Alacrita was engaged to prioritize these based on commercial opportunity and development feasibility.


Initially, the Alacrita team conducted desk research to describe each disease and its impact, quantify the patient populations, describe current treatments and map the patient journeys. We then conducted a detailed pipeline assessment, to understand the nature and extent of competition, and deduce the clinical trials required for new drugs in each disease.

In close dialogue with the client, we developed a target product profile for the drug in each shortlisted indication. This included a fair assessment of the molecule’s capabilities.We developed a sales forecast for the TPP in each disease, and quantified the investment that would be needed to develop and commercialize the drug.

Finally, we tested key value assumptions for the drug in the most attractive disease, by conducting market research with potential prescribers, and refined the forecast accordingly. 

Opportunity Mapping Services

We can help you gauge and rank the opportunities for your R&D programs or technology platforms to deliver value, by framing the commercial potential and charting the path to market.

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