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A clinical stage stem-cell company with its own proprietary cell lines had developed technologies to enable production of exosomes at a commercially relevant scale. The company asked Alacrita to scope out a five-year plan (pursued in-house or as the basis of a spin-out business plan) to capitalize on its exosome assets.


Alacrita undertook this work in several steps. We first mapped the company’s position in the exosome landscape, considering the current and potential differentiation of its exosome technology. We then assessed the range of exosome applications for which the current technology, or technology that the company could realistically develop or acquire, could provide a favorable competitive position. This was followed by selection of applications where there may the best combination of technology fit and commercial attractiveness. Finally, we set out a high-level plan including projected timelines, resources and finance needs to enable the exosome project to grow into a sustainable business venture.

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