Payer research and pricing assessment

Alacrita was asked to assess the market opportunity for a novel anaemia therapy in order to facilitate discussions with potential partners. Alacrita conducted the assessment in two stages.

Stage 1: Targeted secondary research

Alacrita profiled the market to inform primary research.  We reviewed:

  • Clinical guidelines in the US and EU5;
  • Trends in actual clinical practice, especially where differing from guidelines;
  • Pricing of comparator products across EU5 & US;
  • HTA evaluations by bodies including NICE in the UK, the Transparency Commission (TC) in France and IQWiG in Germany, to provide an understanding of how the company’s future dataset may be evaluated.

Stage 2:  Primary research with European and US payers

Using physician feedback, Alacrita conducted primary research with relevant payers to explore:

  • To what extent anaemia was an issue of concern for payers
  • What the budget impact of the novel product would be
  • Perceived differentiation for the client’s asset
  • Open and closed pricing analysis; and
  • Likely market access hurdles and formulary restrictions at different price points.
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