An early-stage venture fund asked Alacrita to review the opportunity for reinvestment in a biotech developing a novel live biotherapeutic for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disorders (IBD). Alacrita was asked to evaluate the strength of the data generated, as well as the target company's work plan for future preclinical data collection in order to evaluate its merits for more substantial fundraising from the investors.


We conducted a three-stage programme of work:

Stage 1: Literature review comprising in-depth exploration of the most recent developments in the live biotherapeutic product field and the therapeutic differentiation in IBD. This was followed by an evaluation of the most current methods for data generation and review against the company's proposed work plan.

Stage 2: Primary research involving key opinion leader (KOL) interviews. For this, Alacrita generated pre-read documents summarising the client's work plan and data collected, and used this as a discussion point for interviews.The focus of these discussions was on strength of current data, adequacy of work plan and suggestions for additional data collection.

Stage 3: Finally, Alacrita delivered a report outlining key conclusions, together with points of high and low priority for the scientific team to address in order to maximize project value.

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