Providing expertise through an oncology scientific advisory board


An emerging drug discovery company, with a core expertise in molecular modelling, had developed a small molecule inhibitor for a novel cancer metabolism target. The company was looking to nominate a development lead and sought advice about the additional experiments that would be required and the clinical strategies that should be considered.


Our expert oncology consultants participated in, and chaired, a scientific advisory board meeting with the company. We reviewed the data generated by the company to date, along with that from a close competitor, and suggested several additional preclinical strategies that would be important to differentiate our client’s molecule from the competition. We also provided feedback on the client’s clinical strategy, confirming that a niche, targeted development strategy in a specific tumor type with significant unmet need would befit the capabilities of our client, while at the same time, if successful, generate substantial value. As the preclinical program progresses, we continue to review data, provide feedback and suggest the next steps for our client.

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